Professor Caryn Esplin

Professor Caryn Esplin is an experienced college photography professor, faculty-lead, and associate dean at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is passionate about teaching hands-on photo workshops with the same award-winning methods she has perfected at the university level, where she focuses on camera settings and post production expertise. Caryn has authored three textbooks and designed nine college courses, including three for online delivery: Professional Imaging; Digital Imaging; Visual Media Marketing; Custom Images; Custom Photobooks, Visual Fundamentals; Visual Media; Advanced Visual Media; Custom Presentations.

Caryn’s textbooks and courses are used by over 12 universities for photography and visual design courses. She earned a “Faculty of the Year” award for her excellent teaching ratings, innovative approaches and curriculum design skills. Her students have earned numerous national awards for their photography in a variety of competitions. Caryn created the rapidly growing Visual Communication emphasis used by 24 different departments, degrees and certificates that focus on photography, web design, graphic design, social media marketing and video production.

Caryn Esplin’s academic experience includes a graduate degree from Boise State University in Education, with an emphasis in Educational Technology, and a certificate in online teaching. Esplin’s business experience includes a photography / graphic design marketing business, a publishing company and a cooperative consulting business with a tri-state distributorship. Caryn and her husband currently own and operate the Riverfront Retreat on the Buffalo River in Island Idaho, near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. 

Official Photographer for the Enlighten Project

USA, Myanmar, Europe