Jay Clue

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A true citizen of the world, Jay Clue has made a name for himself exploring some of the most sought-after ocean encounters around the globe while fighting to protect them.

Making his pro photo debut only 2 short years after picking up a camera, Jay has taken the underwater photography world by storm. His unique style has seen his shots being featured in multiple heavy-hitter publications such as National Geographic Traveller, Newsweek, Scuba Diving Magazine, and many more.

Jay is a born educator and a passionate conservationist. He aims to capture the beauty of our planet’s oceans through photography in hopes of inspiring the next generation of ocean defenders to take up arms. His work concentrates largely on oceanic predators and marine megafauna which has led to him developing courses on whale conservation, apex predators, devil rays, and sustainable tourism; as well as authoring numerous articles for magazines such as Oceanographic, Saving Earth, and more.

When not shooting photos, his time is spent creating unique ecotourism platforms with the team at Dive Ninja Expeditions that aim to use tourism as a platform to further marine research, conservation, and environmental awareness. This passion for protecting the ocean has earned him numerous accolades including being recognized as a PADI Torchbearer, a Mares Mexicanos Photographer, an Ocean Culture Life Storyteller, and a Nakawe Project Closed Hook Ambassador