Matt Dieterich

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Fotopro and Global Elite Photographers Ambassador
PlaneWave Instruments Telescope Expert

Since starting photography as a hobby in 2005, Matt’s goal has been to create images and videos that inspire learning and appreciation for the outdoors, especially the night sky. He first attempted astrophotography in 2006 and was instantly hooked after he took an astronomy class. He began the learning curve of using a telescope, camera, and post-processing software to create photos that he could share with friends and family of objects in the universe captured from his backyard. 
After finishing his Master’s in Geology and Planetary Science in 2015, he served as an Astronomy Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park. He found an immediate enjoyment for outdoor education, and little did he know that experience would change his photography career for the rest of his life. He was honored to have Mount Rainier’s astrophoto selected by the US Postal Service to become a Forever Stamp celebrating the National Park Service Centennial. To cap off that memorable teaching experience at Mount Rainier he received his first NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) of the Perseid Meteor Shower over Mount Rainier.
Currently, Matt continues his love for astronomy and education by installing telescope observatories for astrophotographers, researchers, and University clients worldwide. He has spent thousands of hours perfecting my astrophotography and is grateful to have turned this passion into a career. The long hours couldn’t be more rewarding watching clients put their newly learned skills to work and seeing the same excitement for their efforts that jump-started him into this crazy lifestyle back in 2005!