Stan Moniz

Stan Moniz Profile Picture

Brand ambassador for Sony, Slik Tripods, Aquatech, and Atlas backpacks

Born and raised in Hawaii, Stan was a child of the ocean. His passion for the waves led him to a career as a professional bodyboarder which transitioned into the creative space of capturing the beautiful moving ocean through photography and film. Now living in California, Stan is a published photographer with more than 15 years of experience. The surf now isn’t the only thing on his mind.

As a Sony ambassador and 1 of only 100 photographers in the world holding the prestigious Sony Alpha Collective title, he continues to push boundaries in the creative arts. With his infectious, positive love for adventure, Stan has adapted a nature journalist approach to his content creation.  At a moment’s notice, Stan will drop everything to chase those awe-inspiring images. He seeks to move people and encourages them to get out there and experience what this big, beautiful world has to offer and to appreciate the time we have here on planet Earth.

Versed in a variety of photo and video techniques, Stan works with many clients in making their artistic visions become a reality. He regularly leads some of the most incredible photography workshops taking guests all over the world from capturing the waves of Hawaii to the jaw-dropping night skies of Iceland. His shots have been seen on everything from Apple to Patagonia and everywhere in between.