Just like the Vikings, we love nothing better than going on travel adventures, exploring, and capturing the world!
And that’s what you will experience by joining our photography workshops.

Designed by photographers for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels, our small-group workshops are guided by some of the most talented and experienced photographers in the business. They are passionate about sharing their technical knowledge and creative skills – and will take you off the beaten path to places they intimately know and love to shoot.

Not only will you explore and capture incredible images of some of the most stunning locations around the world – we will make sure you have a fun experience and unforgettable adventure.

2022 Photography Workshops

Death Valley Sunset

Death Valley: Winter Light and Night Skies

4-8 January 2022

Winter at Vestrahorn Iceland

Iceland Winter Wonderland

16 – 25 January 2022

Astrophotography in Death Valley USA

Death Valley by Night

25 – 27  February 2022: SOLD OUT

Please email us at info@vip-ehf.com if you want to join the waitlist.
Sunrise Badlands Utah

Into the Badlands

25 – 30 March 2022

Sunset in Utah Badlands

Into the Badlands

31 March – 5 April 2022

Factory Butte blue hour

Into the Badlands

6 – 11 April 2022

Mobular rays in Mexico

Above & Below in Mexico

28 May – 2 June 2022

Sunset at Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Midnight Sun in Iceland

20 – 26 June 2022

Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

20 – 27 July 2022

Sunrise in Diamond Beach Iceland

Midnight Sun in Iceland

29 July – 5 August 2022

Red sailboats during Midnight Sun in Greenland

Red Sails of Greenland

7 – 12 August 2022: SOLD OUT
12 – 17 August 2022: 4 spots left

Haifoss in Highlands of Iceland

Highlands of Iceland

2022 workshop dates coming soon

Fall Sunset in San Juan Mountains Colorado

Colorado Gold

2022 workshop dates coming soon

Raw Africa

3 – 10 October 2022


Fall Colors Cypress Swamps

The Enchanted Cypress Swamps

1 – 5 November 2022
6 – 10 November 2022