Viking International Phototours

Photographing the most picturesque locations is our passion and it shows in the unique experiences that we want to share with you. We specialize in small group photography workshops and day tours in various locations all over the world.

We have a fantastic team of professional guides with world-renowned skills and an eagerness to work with you to help you learn and excel in photography.  Interested in joining us for one of our extensive workshops?  Or just looking for that meaningful photo shoot in an iconic location?  We’re ready to work with you to help you find exactly what you need, whether it be finding that perfect shot as a professional, guidance with the the first steps as a novice, or just a fantastic, memorable journey to capture some of the best scenery the world has to offer.


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Upcoming Workshops

Joshua Tree - Astrophotography (April 2021) SOLD OUT!
The Dark Skies of Bryce Canyon (June 2021)
Enchanted Cypress Swamps (November 2021) - 2 spots left!
Into The Badlands (April 2021) SOLD OUT!
(June 2021) - 4 spots left
Essential Highlands (August 2021) -SOLD OUT!
Raw Africa (October 2021)
Iceland: Ice and Fire (November 2021)

Featured Multi/Day Tours

Iceland - The South Coast
Iceland - Northern Lights
Iceland - The Glacier Lagoon
Iceland - Snæfellsnes Peninsula