VIP Updates

Featured VIP Master Photographer

Sapna Reddy, M.D.

Sapna Reddy recently joined our team, and we cannot wait to bring her expertise on board.   With a massive following on social media, Sapna is sought after by sponsors and well-respected in the photography industry. Her passion for teaching is unparalleled.  She captures the light perfectly to produce stunning masterpieces that take you into the moment. Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from her during one of these upcoming workshops! 

Hidden Gems of Indonesia (July 2021)
Enchanted Cypress Swamps (November 2021)
Raw Africa (October 2021) Only 4 spots left!
Iceland: Ice and Fire (November 2021)

Featured Workshops

Joshua Tree - Astrophotography (April 2021)
Essential Highlands (August 2021)
Into The Badlands (April 2021)
Raw Africa (October 2021)
Wonders of Azores (July 2021)
Iceland: Ice and Fire (November 2021)